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ARROW Financial Group’s

3-Step All-Access and Educational Process

Our goal is to help you invest comfortably, AND to offer an EASY way to track your progress.

Easy to say—BUT how?

In the following 3 steps, you will:

  1. Find your “Risk Number” which will help you coordinate your risk ‘appetite’ with your actual investment choices in your 401k and other investment portfolios
  1. Get connected to the ARROW Financial Group Client ACCESS Portal
  1. Get your 401k account (and any other financial accounts that you’d like to easily track) connected to your PERSONAL, highly encrypted web access.

NOTE: you will be leaving our site temporarily as you go through our secure process.

Let’s begin…

STEP 1:  Let’s get your Personal Risk Score!

Let’s talk about risk and what it means to you.  We’ve invested in technology to help define and explain your risk factor and to put it in terms of a number that makes sense.

The first step is to click the “Risk Score” button—this short interactive program will present a short series of trade-off questions.  There are NO wrong answers…only your thought and opinion.

Get Your Risk Number

STEP 2:  Let’s get you connected!

The next step involves getting you connected to the ARROW Financial Group’s Client ACCESS Center.  The process is simple…request access to see ALL of the accounts that you’d like…NO LIMIT. 

Once your request is received, we will respond with our “Email Invitation” which will show you how to login safely and securely.  (We use military grade, 256K encryption)

Request access

Already established your login?

401k Participant Login here:

STEP 3:  Let’s get you hooked up to your accounts!

Now that you have access to your personal Client ACCESS Portal, let’s connect you to any account that you want to monitor…401k, brokerage, insurance/annuity, bank or even charge & credit cards.  

If you can access it via the internet, you can have a consolidated portal to watch it all move in harmony.

ALL investment accounts through the ARROW Financial Group will already be connected—INCLUDING each portfolios Risk Number.

Interested in getting started with Arrow Financial Group? Contact Us Today!

Got questions?  We’ll get you some answers…


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